Street Art

From a street to another

Art or vandalism? Some of you would say: “for sure, it’s vandalism” The other part will take a closer look and say: Street Art is art, and I will agree with you. Street art refers to every artwork in public places and includes graffiti, sculpture, sticker art, street installations, video projection and so on. Street art is everywhere, and you noticed it. The present collection is a set of "massive" graffiti, photographed from a street to another, through different cities.

Closer Look

Take a closer look around you, you just might be surprised !

Hall of Fame - Sydhavnen

Quite unknown place for graffiti neophytes, the Hall of Fame (Landvindingsgade, 2450 København) is an abandoned place with huge, amazing and high quality grafs. Definitely a “must see” in Copenhagen, especially if you like street art, peaceful place and meet passionate people! The wall is accessible via S-Train (Dybbølsbro station). From there, walk toward the three big chimneys (approximately 20 minutes). When you pass them, you will be able to see the first graffitis. Many thanks to the artists and my guide, without whom I wouldn’t have found this place.